The Riverview Community Association is made possible and supported by it's members, the residents of this great community. Each November at its Annual General Meeting, the RCA accepts nominations, elects its Board members for the coming year and provides a financial update .

The RCA has a $25 annual membership fee per household to fund the association's annual expenses, which include:
  1. Office expenses, including PO Box address, website, banking, meeting space rental,  meeting refreshments, etc.
  2. Event expenses throughout the year - see Events page 
  3. Maintain a small balance for professional services as required.
A membership is valid from January 1st to December 31st - it gets you on the mailing list, invites to all events, keeps you in the loop and provides an opportunity to be heard. Make your community great!

Fees are due by January 31st for the upcoming year.  

Payment Options

1) e-transfer: e-transfers can be sent to:
  • please update any changes / confirm contact details in the message field of the e-transfer 

2)  Mail: please mail your cheque to:  Riverview Community Association 
                                                   PO Box 1943Cochrane, AB T4C 1B7
  • please update any changes / contact details on the cheque 

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