About Riverview

                                                                                                                          photo credit:  Cochrane Golf club

Gem of a Community

Bounded by nature, our community took root in the early 1990s around a vision of health and recreation. The beautiful Bow River meanders past our doorsteps to the south. The undulating greens of the Cochrane Golf Club extend beyond our backyards, connecting us while giving us space to breathe. Within walking distance to Cochrane's blossoming shopping district, and a 15–20 minute drive from Calgary, Riverview provides residents the opportunity to leave the hustle and bustle of urban life behind. We are invested in this gem of a community. It is our home.

Restrictive Covenant - the "Caveat"

The Riverview Community is built around a 9-hole golf course owned by Cochrane Golf Club Ltd. On the land title of the Golf Course Lands a caveat (071431104) was registered in August 2007 with the intention to clarify and restrict any future development of the golf course except as "associated with the operations of a golf course, and subject to any applicable land use or development by-law of the Town of Cochrane, including but not limited to a new clubhouse, maintenance facilities, driving range, snack house, and washrooms." The Riverview Community Association was instrumental in having this caveat introduced back in 2007.

The Restrictive Covenant ("RC") identified in the Caveat is essentially a contract between the Cochrane Golf Club, the Town of Cochrane, and the residential lot owners in the community described in part "C" of  Schedule "B" of the RC.  These lots are referred to as the 'Benefited Lands." The RC also lists the 'Burdened Lands' in Schedule "A" as the golf course as Block A, Plan 9211697 and Block B, Plan 9112550.

Golf Course Lands - partial map (2019)
Golf Course Land Titles (as of August 29, 2019)
Registered Caveat and Restrictive Covenant (dated 27th of August 2007)

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